Wednesday, April 06, 2011


This is our latest escapade. We ate at Buon Giorno in Rockwell Center, Ortigas. This place was still being built when I left my last job. Now I can finally stop wondering. The food was delicious. We ordered a rack of lamb in red wine sauce and white seafood carbonara. (Actually I forgot what they were called.) My partner and I have never tasted lamb, and thank God we got out of our comfort zone (and budget) and finally tried something so heavenly. When I woke up the next day, I was still thinking about how juicy, soft, and tasty that piece of lamb was. It tasted like pork with a twang. Or make that spunk. Pork with a spunk. The pasta was cooked perfectly, and paired well with the lamb. I didn't miss having rice for the entire meal, so that was definitely good news.

The place itself looked nothing like we were within Ortigas area. My favorite thing was the natural afternoon sunlight. We chose to sit on the white-draped, wooden chairs that almost resembled a wedding spot in Tagaytay. Lastly, I was so amused by the gigantic glassware they used to serve their drinks. The glassware theme was "Go Big or Go Home". We shared a glass (not a bottle ples) of wine after.


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