Thursday, March 10, 2011


In an attempt to try new stuff, Andresa and I ate at Sumo Sam. Not good unless you want oil overload. It was then I realized how restaurant ambiance and decor can be tricky. The place looked good interior-wise. But that was it. It's no different than any fast food Japanese place like Tokyo Tokyo. We ordered Mt. Fuji Steak, Meat Fried Rice, and Seared Tuna. There was just too much oil, and this comes from a person who loves fried food. I kept eating the seared tuna as a breather. Fries + gravy + steak all mushed together? Not a good idea. Maybe we ordered the wrong things?

Andresa and I share the same unsophisticated palate, and that's one thing we're trying to undo. We both like Filipino food especially seafood. We both don't care much about Japanese food. It's one of those cuisines I want to love so much but I just can't. I'm not giving up though. That's one of the reasons we tried this place, only to be disappointed. I'll be happy to hear any recommendations of "close-to-the real-thing" Japanese food.


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