We are two young women who grew up in a small town where people speak a rather unique dialect. Yaglulinghayaw is a Kamayo term derived from the Visayan root word, Lulinghayaw which translates to recreation. Adding the prefix yag to lulinghayaw makes it a verb. Therefore Yaglulinghayaw is an act of indulging in a leisurely activity at one's free time. Our interests revolve around travels, food and everything that stimulates our senses. This blog aims to document our gustatory discoveries and world explorations.

The idea of a co-authored blog was conceived in January 2011. It all began with the monthly gastronomic adventures of two friends eager to try new things and develop a palate for the various cuisines. Our love for food complements our passion for traveling. In Yaglulinghayaw, we will dabble with our cameras to capture memories of our rendezvous while employing an equally engaging and informative style of writing to share our journey to the world. Lastly, we honor our true-blue Kamayo fathers by calling ourselves, Ramona and Andresa.

Join us as we enjoy life and chase our dreams. Welcome to Yaglulinghayaw!


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